Modern Lighting Meets Industrial Elegance at Brick South Wedding

Amidst the convergence of modern elegance and industrial allure, Nicole and Tate celebrated their union this summer at the captivating Brick South in Portland, Maine. Our lighting design team eagerly embraced the challenge of infusing the space with contemporary radiance, ensuring that every corner reflected the couple’s distinctive style through elegant draping and modern lighting touches. Keep scrolling for the gorgeous photos captured by Clarence Chan!

Brick South, with its exposed brick walls and expansive industrial ceilings, provided an intriguing canvas for the love story of Nicole and Tate. Here, modern lighting seamlessly merged with the venue’s industrial architecture, transforming the space into a visual symphony of modernity and raw charm.

Stepping into the ceremony space, the tone was set with dramatic draping and carefully placed modern lighting fixtures. The result was an ambiance that accentuated the inherent elegance of the venue, casting a soft glow that enhanced the industrial features. As vows were exchanged, the space became a sanctuary of warmth, courtesy of the soft textures, glowing candlelight, and subtle touches of florals.

Transitioning into the reception, the magic of lighting continued to unfold. White paper lanterns adorned the dance floor, creating an ethereal atmosphere for Nicole and Tate’s inaugural dance. A pristine white palette enveloped the celebration, acting as a backdrop for the interplay of modern lighting. Splashes of color were introduced through carefully chosen florals and greenery by Broadturn Farm, forging a delicate balance between modernity and the organic charm of nature. The collaboration of white and vibrant hues brought to life a visual tapestry that echoed the couple’s individuality.

Nicole and Tate’s first dance unfolded beneath the soft radiance of the white paper lanterns. As they swayed to the rhythm of their love, a glow framed their joyous connection. Equally tender were the first dances with the bride’s father and the groom’s mother.

Nicole and Tate’s Brick South wedding was a celebration where modern lighting seamlessly intertwined with industrial elegance. Our team, passionate about creating unique atmospheres, played a pivotal role in enhancing the venue’s inherent charm. As the night progressed amidst the dance of modern lighting and industrial aesthetics, it became clear that love, when illuminated thoughtfully, transcends time, creating a narrative that is as timeless as it is enchanting.