Romantic Barn Lighting, Rich Greenery, and Candlelight for A Garden Inspired Summer Wedding

Sasha and Robert’s June wedding at The Barn on Walnut Hill was a stunning celebration of love, despite an unexpected twist. Planned by Lani Toscano Design and beautifully captured by Courtney Elizabeth Media, this garden-inspired summer wedding featured romantic barn lighting, lush greenery, and soft candlelight that created an enchanting atmosphere.

Originally intended to be an outdoor ceremony in the woods, the couple and their vendor team had to quickly pivot due to unexpected rain. The decision was made to utilize the reception barn for the ceremony, and the transformation was nothing short of magical. The barn, already adorned with a sea of romantic barn lighting, leafy greenery on the beams, and beautifully set tables, became the perfect backdrop for Sasha and Robert’s vows.

Inside the barn, three long rectangular tables filled the space. The center table featured a patterned linen with a white and greenery design reminiscent of ferns, while the two outer tables had cream linens. All three tables were set with a combination of candlelight in glass vases, small arrangements of blush blooms, and more pops of greenery. This combination of our romantic barn lighting and rich greenery throughout the space gave the barn a magical garden ambiance, making it an intimate and unforgettable setting.

As the ceremony moved indoors, guests gathered, standing throughout the barn while Sasha and Robert exchanged vows at the open barn door. The view of the green trees behind them seamlessly blended the outside with the interior space, creating a unique and picturesque backdrop. The couple was framed by lanterns and florals placed on the floor, adding to the romantic and natural feel of the ceremony. Although it wasn’t what they originally planned, the indoor ceremony was made even more memorable and intimate by the change.

After the ceremony, guests moved to their respective tables for the reception. The newlyweds made a grand entrance and shared a sweet first dance beneath the glow of the romantic barn lighting. The lights, strung in rows above the tabletops, and the leafy greenery created a dreamy atmosphere that made the moment even more special.

The combination of romantic barn lighting, rich greenery, and candlelight created a truly enchanting ambiance for Sasha and Robert’s garden-inspired summer wedding. Despite the rain and last-minute changes, the day was an unforgettable testament to teamwork and love, leaving lasting memories for the couple and their guests.