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All of our lighting designs are tailored to the specifics of your needs and location. During the consultation process we will share our vast collection of custom fixtures and lighting styles and discuss how to set the mood with light.

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Griffin and Griffin Lighting custom lighting events maine northeast

Our lighting goes above and beyond. From experiential events and festivals to fundraisers and corporate events: we are there for you. We have experience in large-scale outdoor events in a wide range of locations. Whether your event is indoors or out we have the background to suit your needs.

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If you are looking to distinguish your event from others, that is where we shine! One of our specialties is custom lighting fixtures designed and created just for you. Let our custom lights complement your style and provide a truly unique touch.

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production services

We are no strangers to elaborate productions. Power distribution, event management, intelligent lighting, sound, video, HVAC, stage lighting, and rigging are common elements

found in many of our events. We are familiar

with these features and can provide the right services to fulfill your needs at whatever location you choose.

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architectural &



Whether you need projected patterns, concert lighting, architectural and landscape illumination, or dynamic lighting transitions, we can provide light-scapes that adjust to your locations and event flow. Architectural and landscape lighting can provide beauty, safety, and mood to a wide range of spaces. We offer both temporary and permanent lighting to enhance architecture and landscape elements at events, commercial properties, and private residences.

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Our installations are designed to complement the style of your setting, whether that’s defining interior space, ornamenting existing architecture, or creating something entirely new. We go beyond lighting to make sure your event is beautiful. We transform spaces with the use of live trees, flowers and greenery. Draping can be used for elegance, framing or buffering in various spaces. Sometimes theatrical props or marquee lights are needed to make an event truly memorable. Our team of fabricators are ready to easily create the right element for any event.

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Griffin and Griffin Lighting custom lighting events maine northeast


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