Custom Lighting and Draping Treatment for Bar Harbor Coastal Hued Wedding

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Clare and Colton’s journey into matrimony unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of the Bar Harbor Club, where the coastal charm of Maine met the artistic touch of the incredible creative team. Working hand-in-hand with Pinch Me Planning and capturing every magical moment was The Libbys Photo and Film. Together, we transformed this already stunning venue into a haven of romance and sophistication through custom lighting, draping, and gorgeous decor.

The indoor ceremony at the Bar Harbor Club was a vision of refined elegance. Our custom lighting and draping treatment set the stage for Clare and Colton’s nuptials. The space was adorned with draping that served as a dreamy backdrop, enhancing the intimate atmosphere. To guide the couple along their path of love, a custom aisle runner was laid between aisles of white chiavari chairs. This bespoke touch, coupled with beautiful lighting projections, created a whimsical aisle, each step illuminated by the promises of a lifetime. Nature’s touch was woven seamlessly into the ceremony space, thanks to the artistic floral designs by The Bud Connection. Lush blooms lined the aisle and framed the ceremony using a color palette inspired by the hues of the Maine coast—creamy whites, soft blues, and hints of lavender—which brought an ethereal quality to the setting.

As the ceremony concluded, the celebration seamlessly transitioned into a clear-top tent, a canvas for the continuation of the coastal-inspired theme. White crossback chairs and tabletop decor echoed the light and breezy coastal hues, creating an inviting atmosphere under the tent.

Our lighting design team took customization to the next level with bespoke blue drum shades. Suspended throughout the ceremony tent, these shades became a distinctive feature, perfectly harmonizing with the chosen color palette. The interplay of light and custom shades added a contemporary touch to the seaside-inspired celebration.

As the evening unfolded, the tent revealed a chic and modern cocktail space, draped in ivory elegance. A rich blue velvety backdrop served as a luxurious focal point, complemented by a modern wooden bar, a neon sign, and gold-domed light fixtures. This sophisticated space provided a stylish transition from ceremony to celebration, creating an intimate atmosphere for toasts and laughter.

Clare and Colton’s Bar Harbor Club wedding was a celebration of love and artistic collaboration. With Pinch Me Planning orchestrating the details and The Libbys Photo and Film capturing every moment, our lighting design team was honored to contribute to the seamless blend of coastal romance and modern sophistication. The custom lighting and draping treatment became the enchanting thread that wove through every element of this coastal-hued love story, creating an atmosphere that was as unique and captivating as the couple themselves.