Glamorous Winter Wedding In Portland, Maine

Meghan and Teaghan’s love story unfolded against the industrial charm of Brick South, a picturesque indoor venue in Portland, Maine. In collaboration with Kate Murtaugh Events and captured by the lens of Alex Paul Photography, their early December wedding was a testament to the enchantment of a glamorous winter wedding.

The ceremony took center stage in a setting of dramatic elegance. Against the industrial backdrop of Brick South, a floor-to-ceiling white chiffon draping moment set the stage for Meghan and Teaghan’s vows. Vines of greenery adorned the backdrop, adding a whimsical elegance to the venue. The exchange of vows took place on a semi-circle platform surrounded by lush florals, an intimate setting that added a touch of magic to the moment. Chic black chairs for guests and a candlelit aisle lined with lush florals created an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth.

The reception that followed was a symphony of romance, framed by elegant draping and adorned with stunning floral moments. The standout feature was a long serpentine table with a breathtaking installation overhead. This masterpiece, featuring abundant greenery, floral touches, and hanging bulbs, became the focal point of the design, adding a touch of grandeur to the celebration.

The seating arrangement was a tapestry of elegance, featuring round tables in printed linens. The centerpieces varied, with tall floral arrangements in crystal vases and large, dramatic candelabras creating a harmonious blend of heights and textures. Over the dance floor, our Crystal Sphere Chandeliers hung, casting a timeless, vintage elegance that added to the overall enchantment of the evening.

Between the flickering candlelight, the glimmering Crystal Sphere Chandeliers, and the palpable love shared by Meghan and Teaghan, the evening was nothing short of magical. The juxtaposition of industrial surroundings with elegant design elements created a unique and captivating atmosphere, illustrating the couple’s distinctive style.

In the heart of winter, Brick South bore witness to the glamorous celebration of Meghan and Teaghan’s love.  As their love radiated through the venue, surrounded by family and friends, the evening unfolded into a timeless memory, etched with the beauty of a glamorous winter wedding in the heart of Portland, Maine.