Sparkling Botanical Inspired Wedding at the Barn at Flanagan Farm

There’s something special about outdoor weddings. The natural beauty of the surroundings, the gentle breeze, and the feeling of being one with nature all make for a truly enchanting experience. This was certainly the case for Charlotte and Shawn who were married in a sparkling botanical inspired wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm. With A Family Affair of Maine leading with planning and design and Emily Delamater there to capture the details, we knew it would be an unforgettable wedding and it certainly did not disappoint!

Charlotte and Shawn’s outdoor ceremony in the wooded sanctuary was a picture-perfect moment with the sun shining through the trees and the sound of birds chirping in the background. It was a truly magical setting for a wedding and one that we’re sure the newlyweds will cherish forever.

Following the ceremony, the couple and their guests made their way to cocktail hour which took place beneath an airy sailcloth tent and The Barn at Flanagan Farm’s smaller English-style barn. The cocktail tent featured plush conversational seating and some of our wicker lighting fixtures while the barn was used as a cozy space to grab cocktails from the bar. The indoor bar was adorned with a banner reading “Love Blooms Like Flowers” and was illuminated by several of our gold modern starburst chandeliers.

The celebration of the newlyweds continued inside the 19th-century wooden barn where guests were greeted by a sea of lights, giving the barn a warm and inviting ambiance. The abundance of lighting created a cozy and intimate atmosphere that perfectly complemented the rustic charm of the barn.

The wedding decor was inspired by colorful botanicals and florals, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. From the centerpieces to the floral-adorned wedding cake, everything was expertly crafted to create a breathtaking display. As the evening went on, the barn was transformed into a magical wonderland, with the lights and decor coming together to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Charlotte and Shawn were given a sparkling exit from the barn reception and then headed back to the sailtlcoth tent outside where they’d dance the night away, surrounded by their loved ones. The warmth of our wicker lighting fixtures displayed above the dancefloor added an extra touch of romance to the occasion.

Overall, it was a beautiful celebration of love, nature, and the power of expert lighting design. What a joy it was to be part of our couple’s sparkling botanical inspired wedding day!