Wander Often, Wonder Always – Miami, Florida

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The Gather and Soar Summit is a three-day-long event where entrepreneurs in the creative industries gather for education and empowerment in the fields of digital marketing & sales and branding, lifestyle, legacy, and pivoting strategies. All of the best thought leaders and entrepreneurs were enlisted to provide Gather and Sour Summit guests with insightful talks, Q&A’s, interactive sessions, and of course, beautifully designed showcases! 


With Bambini Soiree and One Inspired Party leading the team on the design and planning front, the “Wander Often, Wonder Always” event featured whimsical decor inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Our help was enlisted to install a serpentine river of custom flowers and lights throughout the ceiling, guiding guests through the various spaces of the networking event. From black and white checkered table clothes with oversized chess pieces to larger than life roses and live entertainers dressed as Alice and The Mad Hatter, nostalgic whimsy was brought to life for the guests!