Romantic Barn Lighting Sets the Ambiance For Chic All-White Wedding

Taylor and Zach’s wedding last October at Flanagan Farm was a dream come true, with every detail meticulously planned by Lani Toscano. The picturesque setting, captured beautifully by Cody James Barry, set the stage for a day filled with love, elegance, and unforgettable moments. With Peonies to Paint Chips bringing the floral vision to life, the event exuded a chic all-white theme, accentuated by romantic barn lighting that added a magical touch to the evening.

The ceremony took place in Flanagan Farm’s enchanting wooded space, where guests were seated on white wooden benches surrounded by tree-lined views. A stunning floral arch covered in lush displays of baby’s breath and white roses framed Taylor and Zach as they exchanged vows. The aisle, lined with the same elegant florals, created a breathtaking pathway for Taylor, who was radiant in a strapless gown, her blonde hair styled in timeless waves. Zach looked dapper in a chic black suit and black bow tie, perfectly complementing the sophisticated theme of the day.

After the heartfelt ceremony, guests moved to the lawn for cocktail hour, where a sailcloth Sperry Tent housed an open-air bar and lounge spaces, offering a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. As the evening progressed, the celebration moved inside Flanagan Farm’s iconic barn for a reception that was nothing short of magical.

Inside the barn, the romantic ambiance was set by exquisite lighting and white chiffon draping that elegantly complemented the all-white decor. The rustic farm tables paired with wooden crossback chairs created a warm and inviting setting for the guests. The tabletops were adorned with romantic elements including baby’s breath, white roses, clear candelabras at varying elevations, and flickering candlelight. The elegantly appointed tableware added a touch of sophistication to the chic all-white theme.

One of the standout features of the evening was the romantic barn lighting. We provided gorgeous lighting that enhanced the beauty of the barn and created a whimsical atmosphere. Above the dance floor, we assisted the floral team in rigging an elevated floral piece made of baby’s breath and lush greenery. This stunning installation provided a magical canopy for Taylor and Zach’s first dance as husband and wife, making it a moment to remember.

The combination of elegant decor, thoughtful details, and romantic barn lighting made Taylor and Zach’s wedding at Flanagan Farm truly one-of-a-kind. The candlelight flickered, the florals bloomed, and the love in the air was palpable as the couple celebrated their union with family and friends. It was a whimsical and epically romantic wedding that will be cherished by all who attended.