A Tented Private Estate Wedding With Coastal Views and Fall Hues

Nestled along the picturesque coast of Maine, Jordan and James celebrated their union in an enchanting tented private estate wedding that would embrace iconic coastal views and warm fall hues throughout the decor. Last October, our team was honored to illuminate this unforgettable event, bringing a touch of magic to the clear top tented reception. With the planning and design expertise of Landfall Designs leading the creative team, it was sure to be a flawless day and it certainly did not disappoint!

Jordan and James’ love story began over a decade ago, amidst the vibrant atmosphere of a New Orleans dive bar. Their connection was instant, a feeling of familiarity that assured them of a bond meant to last a lifetime. After years of serendipitous encounters, they finally found their way back to one another, solidifying their love.

The wedding itself was a visual feast, inspired by the rich colors of fall in Maine. The couple envisioned their guests stepping into an enchanted forest, surrounded by nature’s own artistry.

Throughout the planning process, Jordan’s introverted nature presented its challenges, but with the help of their talented wedding planner, Brigid Amendo of Landfall Designs, their vision came to life. The couple’s top priority was to ensure their guests felt like they were on a vacation, a true testament to their graciousness.

Every detail was meticulously curated, from the officiation by their witty and articulate siblings to the buffet-style dining experience that paid homage to Jordan’s New Orleans roots. The result was a celebration that felt deeply personal and authentically them.

For this coastal celebration, Jordan and James exchanged vows with ocean views framing the intimate outdoor setting. Cocktail hour and the relaxed reception were spent beneath the comfort of an enchanting clear top tent full of greenery, velvet linen cloaked tabletops, and flowing champagne. The clear top tent glowed with a warm radiance, enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings. A large mirror ball spun over the dance floor, casting a mesmerizing display of light that set the mood for an unforgettable evening. Modern pendants adorned the bar area, adding a contemporary flair to the timeless elegance of the event.

The fashion choices were equally special, with Jordan’s dress paying homage to her mother’s chic and distinctive wedding gown. The regal yet alluring design by Reem Acra was a perfect fit, and her party ensemble, complete with a stunning cape, added an extra touch of elegance.

The wedding was filled with moments of pure joy, from the heartwarming first look to the energetic hora dance that had everyone, regardless of background, joining in on the celebration. The fireworks finale, held in James’s embrace, was the perfect crescendo to a day filled with magic and love.

Griffin & Griffin Lighting is honored to have been a part of Jordan and James’ unforgettable tented private estate wedding, illuminating their love story with a touch of enchantment. We look forward to continuing to create unforgettable memories for couples throughout New England and across the country.