Disco Balls and Vibrant Decor for Summer Sunningdale Lodge Wedding

Set amidst the serene beauty of Maine’s landscape, our lighting design company had the joy of illuminating a spectacular summer Sunningdale Lodge wedding alongside planning and florist extraordinaire, Lani Toscano Design. With a vibrant floral color palette and nature as our canvas, the event was a celebration of love in all its splendor. From the dreamy outdoor ceremony to the captivating reception beneath a sailcloth tent, our team ensured that every detail sparkled with warmth and charm.

Under the blue sky, surrounded by nature’s beauty, the outdoor ceremony at Sunningdale Lodge was truly enchanting. A floral-lined aisle led guests to their seats, where white cross back chairs awaited. The couple exchanged vows beneath a stunning floral arch, symbolizing their blossoming love.

As the sun set, the reception came alive beneath a magnificent sailcloth tent, creating a dreamy canopy for the celebration. Our team adorned the tent with leafy vines, lending an ethereal and organic touch. Above the dance floor, a cluster of disco balls cast a playful, twinkling light, inspiring everyone to dance with joy under the stars.

The reception tables were adorned with vibrant tablescapes featuring a kaleidoscope of flowers and charming blue goblets.  The interplay of light and colors created a mesmerizing visual display, adding to the celebratory atmosphere. Adding a touch of exclusivity, our team crafted bespoke lighting moments at two focal points during the reception. Soft Edison bulbs were strung above the floral-adorned bar, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for guests to mingle and enjoy their drinks. Over the cake table, a dazzling display turned the sweet masterpiece into a focal point of admiration.

This summer Sunningdale Lodge wedding was a breathtaking celebration of love and nature’s beauty.  From the picturesque outdoor ceremony to the captivating sailcloth tent reception, every moment was brought to life through the power of creativity and collaboration. Keep scrolling for a look at all the gorgeous details captured by Jamie Mercurio!