French’s Point Wedding Reception Featuring Floral And Disco Ball Focal Point

Planned by our lovely friends at A Family Affair of Maine, this French’s Point wedding reception proved that disco balls can be just as elegant as they can be fun and funky. You won’t want to miss the details on this one so keep scrolling for gorgeous images captured by Jaimee Morse!

Located on the Mid-Coast of Maine, French’s Point offers unparalleled oceanfront views which provide an ideal backdrop for special celebrations, even in the middle of October. A gold structure framed the ceremony location and was adorned with clusters of vibrant red, blush, and white florals. The aisle was lined with florals in these same colors, creating an ombre effect, and contrasted with elegant black linens on the aisle walkway. The ceremony design set the tone for the rest of the celebration but guests would be in for a stunning surprise beneath the reception tent!

Upon entering the reception, eyes were immediately drawn to a magnificent floral and disco ball focal point perfectly positioned above the black and white checkered dancefloor. The jaw-dropping installation looked like golden disco balls floating in a field of florals. The rest of the tent was filled with both round and rectangular tables draped in crisp white linens topped with acrylic candelabras and colorful floral designs by Field Floral Studio.

Gold chairs provided a beautiful tie-in to the golden structure from the wedding ceremony and provided a sophisticated contrast to the white linens and colorful centerpieces. Our crystal chandeliers were fixed throughout various parts of the tent, including a larger crystal chandelier that was hung directly above a glistening round gold bar. As the sun began to set, the tent came to life with a stunning golden glow from the chandeliers and golden disco balls. This French’s Point wedding reception was simply unforgettable and so creatively inspiring!